A passion that became a business

We have a different proposal to promote a unique experience for customers that use the product, through constant innovation. Our products are carefully developed based on market research, bringing new technologies, with specific fragrances and ingredients for each type of hair. Daring and innovative, Sweet Hair Professional has a visionary and fast team in the development of new actions and products.

Sweet Hair Professional is the cosmetic brand that grows every day, reaching a proeminent place in the beauty market because it proposes for the hairdressers a partnership, where their freedom of expression will be respected and admired, providing, this way, a surprisingly pleasant result to the final costumer, to the hairdresser himself and to all of those of Sweet Hair Professional.

SWEET is the third word most spoken in the world

The word Sweet represent the beauty of women, the relationships of love between mothers and children.

“For 5 years we built a complete brand, represented by innovation, technology and sophistication.”

Through a deep market research, the company brought new technologies, fragrances and specific ingredients, finding the exact compositions for each type of hair. Present in several countries, it has developed a high standard of quality, aiming results, beauty and health of ours customers. We thought of every detail to meet the professional’s needs and consumers who love the brand.

More than 30 million have already tried.
 We are a dream factory
Sweet Hair Professional